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Excellent Apprenticeship Company

Since 2011, GIKO has been awarded the distinction “Excellent apprenticeship company” by the state Vorarlberg, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Chamber of Labour. In addition to the statutory training curricula, we focus on personal development activities.

Our aims

  • Development of young people as top professionals
  • Developement of managerial qualities

Apprenticeship Trades

Print Technician (f/m)

The apprenticeship program takes 3,5 years. You will become acquainted with the different technically complex printing processes and you will learn how to apply them and prepare the materials to be printed.

In-house training: Projecting workflows and preparing printing processes, preparing digital/analogue data (e.g. text files, images…), selecting and mixing printing inks and measuring the ink quality (e.g. by means of electronic measuring devices), setting and operating printing presses, monitoring the printing process.

Qualifications: The trade is highly demanding: technical understanding as well as a sense of colours and creative skills are important qualities for print technicians – just as the ability to concentrate, diligence and good teamworking skills.

Packaging Technician (f/m)

The apprenticeship program takes 3,5 years. As a packaging technician, you will be responsible for the design of new packaging products with the assistance of CAD software. You will make samples and monitor the production in highly modern computer-controlled plants. Operating packaging machinery such as printing presses, gluing and punching machines will also be part of your job.

In-house training: In-house training is based on a rotating system, i.e. during the training program, you will pass through all production units. You will receive information and explanations on the various processes and workflows and become acquainted with the great diversity of your future working areas.

Qualifications: Packaging technology is very challenging and requires good technical skills, fast response capabilities and decision-making abilities, spatial perception and sense of colours, quick uptake and a good sense of responsibility.

GIKO Apprentices active

GIKO Info Days for Apprentices

Under the slogan “My projection for the future”, GIKO organised three information days in January/February 2015. Many students and their parents profited by the opportunity to inform themselves about apprenticeship trainings in the packaging and printing industry. GIKO apprentices also participated in the event, served as guides for company visits and answered questions around the plant and the training.

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