GIKO Verpackungen

Our Commitment Today and in the Future

We are not just engaging in producing flexible packaging materials – we permanently keep track of market developments, we provide active support to our customers and design customer-oriented packaging solutions based on most recent technical specifications and findings.


Customer needs are at the core of our efforts. We are always striving for partnership relationships with our customers, to whom we offer a quality as defined and provide for a comprehensive service. Customers are a strong driving force for our company and help us to communicate our passion and knowledge to the outside world.

Staff Members and Management

We put special emphasis on teamworking, we are flexible and enjoy both working together and the work itself. We are most eager to continuously acquire new skills and qualifications and are motivated to on-going learning. In our daily collaboration, we maintain close personal contact, take each other seriously and communicate with each other. Flat hierarchies are a key feature of GIKO.

Ownership and Autonomy

The owners of GIKO feel fully committed to the company. Our economic independence is indispensable for being able to shape the company’s future actively and sustainably. We are always searching for innovative results and our activities are always success-oriented.


We treat each other and our partners respectfully and with appreciation – even under challenging conditions. Due to our outstanding reliability and unfailing sincerity, we provide confidence to all our customers.

Ecology and Environment

GIKO is aware of its responsibility towards environment and society and assumes a pioneering role in environmental and in social matters. We are on good and friendly terms with all our neighbours.

Already more than 25 years ago, we started to give our 1.5 hectares site a close-to-nature look. Since then, the following environmentally sustainable measures have been taken: plantation of indigenous deciduous and timber trees, bushes, creation of a wetlands for local rainwater infiltration, implantation of green wall systems, roof greening by means of indigenous flowers and herbs, nesting aids for birds, a planting scheme for a bird-friendly open air area, naturalistic resting area, permeable pave stones, gravel and rubble surfaces, flowery meadows, walnut and fruit trees.

On the plant site, we completely forego biocide products and fertilizers.

GIKO was the first Austrian company to be certified by the Foundation “Natur und Wirtschaft” (Nature and Economy) for the close-to-nature-designed premises.



Foundation of the company under the name “Giesinger+Kopf GmbH”


Setting up of Austria’s first spiral tube winding machine


Setting up of Austria’s first 6 colour rotogravure printing machine


1st extension, Europe’s first robot-controlled cylinder warehouse


Setting up of the exhaust air cleaning system and the solvent recovery plant


First company in Austria’s packaging industry to attain ISO-9000 certification


2nd extension, first company in Austria’s packaging industry to attain certification according to HACCP food safety standards


Award as most innovative SME of Austria’s packaging industry


3rd extension, Europe’s first wooden high bay storage system


Purchase of a Kampf 2 Unicon cutter and installation of a central suction system, start-up of an automatic ink mixing system with 14 ink tanks


Installation of new register controls with web inspection and control system for both rotogravure printing works


Due to a transfer of ownership shares, GIKO Verpackungen GmbH is completely autonomous since 01.10.2014. The former companies GIKO Kartonagen GmbH and GIKO Rundverpackungen GmbH operate now under the name of pratopac GmbH.

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