The right package for any food.

Protection, storage and transport – food packaging must fulfil many functions. And master all kinds of challenges. Because packages must be just as colourful and versatile in their features as the food you are offering. At GIKO, we are happy to support you in finding the right package for your food that is equipped for any type of challenge.

Mono, duplex and triplex composites for tubular bag films.

Tubular bag films are a popular packaging material in the food industry. At GIKO we have a broad offering of mono, duplex and triplex composites for use for tubular bag films. Whether the horizontal or vertical tubular bag system, the GIKO films are suitable for nearly any application. A lovely sheen, high transparency and puncture resistance, as well as rapid further processing are significant features of our packages.

The raw materials we use.

We use PP, PE, ALU and PET films, which are laminated in various combinations. The final printing of the films is done using a gravure printing method. You can refine the packaging as you wish with up to 10 colours.

  • Versatile range of application.
    Fresh meat, sausage products, hard cheeses, baked goods, fish and seafood – the GIKO tubular bag films and packaging solution for the food industry have a broad spectrum of application.
  • Outstanding properties.
    Easy-peel, anti-fog and freeze stable. A lovely sheen, high transparency and puncture resistance. High oxygen barriers, very good machinability and excellent seal properties – the GIKO tubular bag films and packaging solutions for foods are perfect solutions for many foodstuffs.
  • Vertical or horizontal. You have the choice.
    Tubular bag films are available from GIKO in various formats. We’d be glad to advise you for a tailored and secure result.

The GIKO development and application technology.

Our development and application technology just loves to take on special types of challenges. This is why GIKO is the right place to come to implement extraordinarily technically complex challenges. Contact us – we’d be glad to advise you!