Packaging solutions for industry. Thought through from A to Z.

The quality of the packaging in the consumer goods industry is just as important as the product. And an essential component that has an impact on the purchasing decisions of the customer. Modern packaging solutions must therefore guarantee an attractive presentation as well as a secure safeguarding of industrial goods. In addition, it should be easy to use and also address the question of the correct disposal.

Being exceptional. Quite usual for us.

As a manufacturer of packaging material for various industries, GIKO has expanded its expert status over the years. The exceptional requirements for the functionality of industrial goods pose very special challenges for the packaging technology used. True to our motto: “Being exceptional. Quite usual for us.” we love to take on these challenges and offer our customers tailored solutions – thought through from A to Z.

  • Intelligent protection. From the start.
    We ensure reliable protection. Throughout the entire transport process. And also for the final storage.
  • Wow. What a look.
    With brilliant colours, high-quality coatings and perfect haptics, we ensure the impressive presentation of your products. Even on the shelf.
  • Providing information. Transparent & to the point.
    It’s more important than ever for the end user to know what is in the product. Thanks to your high quality film materials and the newest technological printing methods, we ensure that the information is put exactly where it needs to be. Clear and transparent.

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