Just the best for our four-legged friends. Packaging solutions for pet food.

Good is often just not good enough for our four-legged friends. So GIKO has focussed in recent years on the development of composites especially for the pet food market. Whether dry food, wet food or snacks, we’ll use our competence to give you the right advice in the choice of a packaging solution.

Composites of up to 5 layers.

The triplex and duplex laminating system, which can be used inline or offline, enables GIKO a huge technical spectrum. So we can create composites of up to 5 layers: which can be produced in the relevant print run size in one step.

Clip film for pet food.

Contents of clip film packages can be sterilized and have a shelf life of many months. The “film sausage”, as it’s apt to be called, is therefore predestined for safe storage of pet food. Here to, we use composites of up to 5 layers, with and without aluminium. We’d be happy to provide you with additional details.

  • Large variety. Pet food packaged properly.
    Whether wet or dry food, pasteurized or sterilised pet food products, GIKO offers you a broad product palette of various solutions for your pet food.
  • Less shelf space. Thanks to clip films.
    Clip films for pet food are a true logistical miracle. They take up very little shelf space. Even on the shop shelf. So you can present your customers more products using less space.
  • Competent advice at any time.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to give you comprehensive advice in the selection of the right packaging solution, tailored to you. For your pet food goods.

Dynamic market. Dynamic solution.

A dynamic market with continually developing needs also requires dynamic and flexible solutions. We at GIKO take that to heart. Regardless of the type of pet food you are offering, at GIKO we’ll find a perfect solution for any challenge.