Chic & clever. Our sweets packages.

Whether candies, chocolate or cookies – GIKO packaging solutions for sweets meet all of the requirements for packaging sweets. Refined and efficient at the same time, you’ll find the right costume for every sweet presentation.

Much more than paper.

Just as all modern packaging solutions, sweets packages don’t just protect your transport goods anymore. They have to meet legal requirements, underline the corporate identity of the company and master logistics challenges.

Cold seal applications for sweets.

Over the years, GIKO has also secured a very good position in the sweets market. The GIKO cold seal applications have pride of place in this. Different from hot sealing, the cold seal application uses no heat and is therefore elementary for heat-sensitive product such as chocolate or candy.

  • Cutting-edge: the sustainable monofilm for sweets.
    A recyclable and thus sustainable variation: the use of monofilms. This homogeneous variation is printed in the GIKO machine fleet, refined with a release finish and finally given a cold seal finish through a turret.
  • Inline production of duplex laminates with cold seal application.
    After printing in the GIKO machine fleet, the substrate is laminated “inline in only one step including an integrated cold seal with a neutral release film.
  • Competent advice at any time.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to give you comprehensive advice in the selection of the right packaging solution, tailored to you. For your sweets.

Experience, competence & advancement. Our customers trust in that.

We are continually working to improve our materials and adhesives. So we can profit from our years of experience in the packaging industry and at the same time look into the future, always with an eye on the newest technological developments and current industry news.