Perfectly protected. Laminate composites, aluminium foils & more.

Portion packaging, durable preserves and coffee capsules – the GIKO composite films are versatile for use in the processing industry. Made to your requirements, at GIKO you get semi-finished products and laminate composites of aluminium, paper and plastic films as well as aluminium tape.

High Performance. Our multi-layer composites.

High performance multi-layer composites with strengths of up to 300 µm are some of the GIKO specialities. These composites are used for seal inserts in the beverages industry, among other things. All laminate composites have very good running characteristics.

High Performance. Composites of up to 5 layers.

In recent years, the segment of covers which are induction sealed on PE and PETP bottles has continued to expand. These are high performance composites with up to 6 layers that ensure the highest safety for your foodstuffs through their seal capacity and sterilization. For various technical applications, such as for copy and forgery protection we also use hologram films, films with security pigments and films with detectability.

Complete flexibility thanks to inline production of composites.

Substrates equipped with a cold seal are laminated “inline” directly after printing and thus only in one step. This creates security and opens up completely new options for you.

And in addition: GIKO is your competent contact for mono and composite films with partial or full-surface hot melt coating.

Aluminium composites

Are you looking for aluminium composites in combination with PET or paper? Then you have come to the right place at GIKO. These mixture aluminium composites are combined together in 3 to 5 layers at GIKO.

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Whether as packaging for disinfectant wipes, technical products, creams or groceries, using our efficient gravure print method, all aluminium composite films are individually printable. Therefore, there are no limits for the perfect presentation of your goods. A particularly economically variant of this is our single-colour scatter print – just ask us, we would be glad to advise you.

Film for closures

GIKO produces various composite films for further processing into closure-sealing components, including sealing media for drink bottles, toothpaste tubes, creams and much more.

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Various foam films as well as PET or PE sealing media are laminated into high quality composites – which can be sterilized and are up to 100% sealable. In particular for sealing media from the AGRO industries (agriculture) and food (foodstuffs industry), special adhesives are used that ensure 100% protection. The seals, also called “compound”, are sealed using an induction or conduction procedure. Film structures with “hot melt” (waxing), which are used for sealing on glassware, are also a permanent component of the GIKO delivery programme.

Provisional laminates for printing companies

Suitable for sterilization, sealable and able to be deep-drawn, GIKO produces provisional laminates that can then be further refined. Laminates with 2 to 5 layers are produced according to the customer’s wishes and refined on site.

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This type of film is often used in the cosmetic industry. By bundling the jobs and using the GIKO toolbox system, we can provide particularly attractive sales conditions. And we are glad to pass these on to our customers.

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