GIKO lidding films. Safety and freshness.

Cheese and meats and other easily perishable foods – to guarantee the safety and freshness of your consumable goods and foods, the use of a high-quality lidding film is crucial.

The perfect seal.

As experts in packaging solutions, GIKO has a broad selection of mono, duplex and triplex sealing films for use as lidding films. Depending on the use and scope of application, we use PP, PE, ALU and PET materials in production, which are laminated in various compositions. Whether with barrier, peel, UV barrier or anti fog equipment – here you will find the right lidding film for your application.

A unique look.

When choosing the right printing method, we use proven gravure printing technology. So, we can refine your packages with up to ten colours and thus give them a unique look. In addition, we offer you the option of various coating variations such as “matte”, “high gloss” or “haptic”.

Naturally, you can also use our single component solutions with regard to lidding films. The GIKO single component packages only consist of one raw material and can be recycled as one material, our best option for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. The flexibility and adaptability of GIKO single-component packages have nearly no limits.

And in addition: GIKO produces lidding films for nearly all of the current sub-films with outstanding seal quality. You will find an overview of our variations below.

Top films for deep drawing

The GIKO top films for deep drawing seal your products securely and reliably. Quality, freshness, colour and structure of the product are presented in a natural manner. Also, all GIKO top films have a very high transparency.

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Your product is in the spotlight. We offer you great flexibility, so that you can choose between various film features and equipment. All top films can be individually printed.

High quality barriers:

To offer you and your products an exceptional safety and the best possible preservation, we use an optimal seal process on the one hand, and high quality barrier film on the other. These are composite films with barrier properties that minimize oxygen permeation. Whether SIOX, ALOX, EVOH or PVOH – You decide which barriers offer the best protection for your product.

Also available as single-component packages!

Naturally, you can also choose a top film from our GIKO single-component package solutions. The flexibility and adaptability of GIKO single component packages have nearly no limits.

Resealable lidding films

The characteristic of this type of top film is in the name: it is resealable. This offers you and your customers the option of storing foods etc. safely and protected after first opening them.

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The resealable lidding films from GIKO are suitable with PP and PE as well as PET sub-films. They offer you complete flexibility in product presentation. This also includes the numerous design options, such as printing on both the front and back side of the lidding film, and the selection of various matte finishes. This versatility is present in all of our packaging solutions in the regular GIKO Portfolio.

High quality barriers:

To best guarantee the shelf life of your products, we work with the most varied barriers in our resealable lidding films. SIOX, ALOX, EVOH or PVOH – You decide which barriers offer the best protection for your product.

Also available as single-component packages!

Naturally, there is also the option here of using the GIKO single component package solution as lidding films. Because these are made up of a single raw material, their flexibility and adaptation capacity know no limits.

Top films for tray sealers

Safely and efficiently packaged: the GIKO tray sealer lidding films. Whether PP or PET trays, these lidding films are suitable for all current tray sealers and are characterized by an outstanding sealing capacity.

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You have the option of choosing from a number of various designs: Front – in combination with a back-side print, or various matte finishes – you decide how you want to best present your products with GIKO.

High quality barriers:

For the best shelf life and optimal protection of your products, we work with the most varied barriers: SIOX, ALOX, EVOH or PVOH, you decide which barrier film is the best one for you and your products.

Also available as single component packages!

Naturally, you can also use our GIKO single-component solutions here too. The reduction to a single raw material in the material composition sets new standards with regard to sustainability.

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