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Special applications

GIKO is one of the few European companies to operate a wax lamination line. Partial wax lamination of long grain aluminium strips, primarily used for chocolate and candy wrapping papers, is carried out on this plant. Paraffin wax is used as adhesive agent for the wax laminating. Long grain laminations using different substrates are also possible, particularly for technical applications.

GIKO Packaging wax wrappers
Wax wrappers

In recent years, the segment of blank lids that are fixed on the top of PE and/or PETP bottles by means of induction sealing has continuously been expanded. These lids are made of high performance composites of up to 6 layers.

Certain technical applications also involve, among others, holographic films, films equipped with security pigments with detectability features in order to ensure protection against copying and counterfeiting.

GIKO Packaging holographic lamination film
Holographic lamination film

GIKO is also specialised i.a. in high performance multilayer composites (also suited for deep-drawing applications) with thicknesses of up to 300 ┬Ám or laminated lead frames. The application area of these composite materials ranges from decoration objects to the automotive industry and to tin cans with inspection window.

GIKO Packaging laminated lead frame
Laminated lead frame

As already described in the standard applications, the inline production of composite materials allows for a wide range of possibilities and provides for safety. Over-lamination of printed substrates helps to avoid set-off and migration problems.

GIKO is also the perfect partner in the field of mono and composite films fitted with full or partial hot melt coating.

GIKO Packaging deep-drawn composite films for decoration purposes
Deep-drawn composite films for decoration purposes

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