Classic all-around protection. For a broad scope of applications.

The GIKO tubular bag films are proven as a classic all-around protection for numerous products. Available as single, duplex and triplex composites, they provide a broad spectrum of application for our customers. From the horizontal and vertical tubular bag systems to high-speed and easy opening packaging solutions to the secure storage of dusty products, for example.

Outstanding seal properties. Perfect mechanism.

The materials we use for our tubular bag films, PP, PE, ALU or PET are laminated in various combinations. Available with or without barriers, the films have optimal mechanical and very good sealing characteristics.

Even more attention. Thanks to ten-colour gravure printing.

We use a high quality gravure printing technique in our printing. With up to ten colours and a large selection of various finishes such as “haptic” or “matte finish”, there is nothing in the way of unique product presentation. And in addition: The GIKO machine fleet enables inline production of duplex laminations with cold-seal application: Right after printing, the print substrate, which is equipped with a cold seal, is laminated in one step using a neutral release film.

Naturally, you can also use our GIKO single component package solutions for tubular bag films. Because these are comprised of only one raw material, they are particularly easy to dispose of.


Whether horizontal (HFFS – Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal) or vertical (VFFS – Vertical Form, Fill and Seal) tubular bag systems, GIKO produces tubular bag films for nearly all of the current machine manufacturers. So, you can choose from various materials or seal media, including PE or PP, which are characterized by very good seal capacity.

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Another advantage: Through the right selection of raw materials the GIKO HFFS and VFFS tubular bag films have very good running characteristics and are optimized for the forming collars of the production machines.

Efficient barriers:

For the best possible shelf life of your packaged products, we use various barriers. You have the choice of SIOX, EVOH, ALOX, PVOH or aluminium. We would be glad to advise you of which barrier is best for your products.

Putting your products in the right spotlight:

For a unique presentation at the point-of-sale, we use high transparency films, so that your products always get the most attention at all times.

Also available as single component packages!

Our HFFS and VFFS tubular bag films are, like most of our products, also available as GIKO single-component package solutions.

Cold seal applications

GIKO has gained an outstanding reputation in processing single and duplex films with cold seal applications. The GIKO cold seal films are based on various substrates, including OPP combinations, OPP/PET monofilms or composite combinations.

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Efficient barriers:

To best guarantee the shelf life of your products, we work with the most varied barriers: SIOX, ALOX, EVOH, metallisation or PVOH – we would be glad to help you find the right barrier for your products.

Putting your products in the right spotlight:

To always stay a step ahead of the competition, GIKO offers you a wide range of design options: Front – in combination with a back print, as well as the use of matte finishes are part of our GIKO toolbox. And in addition: The GIKO machine fleet enables inline production of duplex laminations with cold-seal application. This means that the print substrate equipped with a cold seal is laminated right after printing with a neutral release film “inline”, in only one step.

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