Waxed paper. For candies, chocolates and more.

GIKO is one of the few European companies using a wax lamination system. Using this system, narrow gauge aluminium strips can be partially wax coated – ideal for the production of wrappers for chocolate and sweets.

The wax lamination.

In wax lamination we use paraffin (wax) as an adhesive in various compositions and with various properties. In the melted state, the paraffin is ultimately applied to one of the two substrate materials and these are bonded together. This process is perfectly suited for the production of paper-aluminium laminates or purely aluminium laminates that are often used for packaging candies, chocolates and other confectionery.

And in addition: Narrow gauge laminations with other substrates particularly suitable for technical applications are also possible at GIKO. For mono and composite films with partial or full-surface hot melt coatings, just ask us!

Strip Wax Lamination

Strip laminated wax wrappers are used above all in the confectionery industry, for candies or chocolates. At GIKO, we use dimensionally stable OPP and PET films which are processed in combination with aluminium strips into high-quality wax wrapper films.

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The films used are either transparent, white or metallic and can be printed on both sides (front and back). We use aluminium films in strengths 8 and 10 my from a width of 55 mm, for example.

Full-surface wax lamination.

For butter, cooking fats or yeast – at GIKO you receive full-surface wax laminated packaging material in various combinations. These are ideal for use as fat wrappers, such as aluminium foil in combination with tissue paper.

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Full-surface wax laminated packages guarantee outstanding safety and the best shelf life for your delicate fat products. We would be glad to help you find the packaging solution that is right for you.

Wax coated paper.

Waxed papers are an outstanding packaging solution for chewy candies, for example. At GIKO, we product full-surface wax coated papers with various application weights.

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In combination with a unicolour print via our lamination system you receive a high quality product that represents an economical alternative to other printing methods.

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