Sustainability. Close to our heart.

The careful use of resources is a part of the GIKO corporate philosophy, and of paramount importance in our daily work.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly production facilities with renewable energy sources, a modern solvent recovery system, our own electric cars, the first wooden high-bay warehouse in the world with glued bonds or break areas close to nature for employees are only a few examples of GIKO’s contribution to environmental and climate protection.

The market for environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging is growing, not only due to legal requirements for recycling of plastic packaging. The goal is a sustainable basis for sorting and separating when disposing of packaging. The innovative solution: Single-element packaging, which is made from only one raw material and can be easily recycled.

With over 60 years of experience in the development of advanced plastic packaging for the food industry, GIKO fulfils all of the legal requirements with the new single-element packaging. The consumer can dispose of the package directly in the yellow bag, and without having to separate the different elements.

Producers can still relay on the proven flexibility and high service provisions according to the well-known GIKO standard.

Our social responsibility.

The management of GIKO Verpackungen GmbH is well versed in the high social, ethical and ecological responsibility as an employer and company.

Adherence to the social standards

  • of the General Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations
  • the UN Children’s Rights Convention
  • the UN Convention on the Removal of any Discrimination against Women
  • the ILO Standard and
  • the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies

as well as the acknowledgement of human rights and fair working conditions are fundamental beliefs of the company management and a therefore matter of course to them.